San Bartolomeo Church

Rebuilt after World War II, the Church is located in one of the oldest and most characteristic of Enna, Fundrisi, at the area of the Holy Spirit.
The church nave has a richly decorated ceiling, and we are honored the Madonnaof the address, because, in his honor held since 1505 a full fair-market "May Fair". The fair, known throughout Sicily, took place at Lord's pitch. From the nineteenth century has been paid to the pastor of St. Bartholomew the "poll tax", taxes on animals, which consisted of a "tari" for large animals (donkey, ox tear, etc ...) and for small animals (pig, sheep, goat, etc ...) in a "pug" (half of a tari),was also paid an additional tax "the bore", the occupation of land by there tailer.
For many years the revenue from these taxes will not grip as the Church and the May Festival, while also changing the type of goods, continues to take place the last week of that month. Near the church you can visit the ruins of one of the entrances to the old city of Enna "Janni Scuru Door".

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